About Us

Welcome to Mountain Kid Lids!

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We are just two adults that spend a ton of time in the outdoors who wanted more hat options for our young ones to wear on adventures into the wilderness. We wanted to create hats with images that would inspire kids to lead an active lifestyle while looking cool as a cougar. Thus, Mountain Kid Lids was born. 




  • Lead an Active Lifestyle

    An active life means a healthy and happy life so get out there and breath that fresh mountain air.

  • Foster Independence

    Exploring the outdoors helps kids gain a sense of independence so they can grab life by the horns.

  • Respect Nature

    Since humankinds' greatest priority is to reintegrate with nature, we better start teaching our children to respect the birds and the bees.

  • Inspire Curiosity

    Nature has the ability to unlock the imagination. We want our kids to exercise their minds and continue asking questions.

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